Former RAW official RSN Singh insults Prophet Muhammad on Times Now

New Delhi: Islamophobia which has gripped mainstream media lately has been caught one more time. Times Now, a channel owned by Times Group hosted a debate on the alleged forced conversions of Hindu girls in Kerala where in RSN Singh has used derogatory language for Prophet Muhammad.

A video from a recent debate on Times Now with former RAW official, RSN Singh, insulting Prophet Muhammad has now gone viral on social media platforms causing considerable anger among Muslims.

Singh is described as an intelligence expert, who has reportedly served in the Indian army and RAW in the past. He is seen shouting loudly and looses his temper with fellow panelists during debates. Singh is a regular panelist on Times Now on debates concerning Kashmir, Pakistan and anti-Muslim issues.

In the video, Singh made insane and factually incorrect comments about Aisha Siddiqa, wife of the Prophet. He used derogatory remarks over the marriage between Prophet Muhammad and Aisha Siddiqua. Singh also accused Aisha Siddiqa of murdering Ali bin Abu Talib, 4th Caliph of Islam and his sons.

People on social media have slammed Singh and the channel asking how a reputed brand like the Times Group could go to this extent and allow an individual to insult the Prophet of Islam giving rise to demands of filing a criminal case against him and the channel.


Legal experts says that Singh’s hateful remarks are perfect case to attract Section 153A of IPC for Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.