Display of humanity by Mumbai Muslims during natural calamity

By Imran Inamdar

Mumbai: Setting up an appreciable example of Huququl Ibad (Rights of Human Beings) Muslims of Byculla (Mumbai) had provided shelter to the stranded people in the premises of Hindustani Masjid during heavy rainfall, without considering their religion.

On August 29, it started raining heavily in this over crowded city and Water started accumulating on roads and railway tracks, badly affecting the public transport.

Mumbai local train is called life line of the Mumbai and Thane Districts. Nearly 60 Lakh people travel daily to work place or school colleges.

Due Affected to affected public transport lakhs of stranded in their offices, on roads and railway stations.

As soon the news reached to Imam of Hindustani Masjid, Byculla he immediately made the announcement over loudspeakers of providing shelter to all those stranded including ladies.


Social worker of this area Abdul Hafiz also swung into action and forwarded the same message through social media with his mobile number incase someone needs help.

He received many calls from stranded people and their relatives asking for help. Residents of Byculla responded positively to all the calls and opened all three floors of the mosque to accommodate all of them.

Speaking with Theshahab.com Abdul Hafiz said that the situation was horrible, thousands were coming from CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) in the evening but they were unable to move towards their homes because there were no buses running on the road.

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We  welcomed those men and women to stay in Masjid. He said that nearly 80 women and more that three hundred men of all religions stayed there.
Our some neighbors provided snacks and provided to them, Abdul added further.

Mohammed farooque of the Hindustani Masjid told that nearly 30 youths and all the trustees of the Masjid  have extended their voluntary services. He says, youths have not only took care of the guests, they dropped many senior citizens and sisters to their homes who stay in Kurla, Dadar and nearby areas. We don’t expect any publicity, We just did it for the sake of Allah, he added.

Mangala Janardhan Survade, a Govandi resident, visits Byculla everyday where she works as domestic help, along with four other women. On Tuesday, they waited at Byculla station for an hour, in vain. “I have never entered a mosque before. None of us has. These people came and asked if we needed help,” she said. Her friend Sheetal Sonawane added, “Humanity rises during tough hours.”