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Shahi Imam slams Muslim personal law board over ‘dual stand’ on triple talaq in SC

Shahi Imam slams Muslim personal law board over 'dual stand' on triple talaq in SC

New Delhi: A day after Supreme Court banned instant triple talaq for Muslims, Shahi Imam Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari, supporting the Supreme Court’s decision on Triple Talaq, said that basic spirit of religious freedom has been maintained in the decision. Along with that, he accused some officials of Muslim Personal Law Board for dual stand which has made the mockery of Islamic law due to which Muslims are restless across country.

Maulana Bukhari said that the Muslim Personal Law Board kept saying repeatedly that the court has no right to intervene in the Sharia law but never came up with an advisory to stop it. Although in this case, board had to establish a collective opinion on the issue of triple talaq from the beginning itself and should have taken Ahle Hadith maslak (school of thought, sect) and other sects in confidence and triple talaq in one sitting should have been declared un-Islamic before the court.

He emphasized that the door of Nabuwat (Prophethood) is closed today, but not of Ijtihad (a legal decision by independent interpretation of Qur’an and Sunnah). Board members should have taken the path of Ijtihad.


Bukhari also accused the members of the board for dual stand and said, “During the discussion in the court, board lawyer said that it is a sin to divorce thrice in one sitting. On the other hand, he also emphasized on maintaining it. If something is a sin then how can it be part of the Sharia law? Due to their double standard, today Muslims are facing this day.”

Maulana Bukhari in his statement referring to Ahle Hadith sect, in which triple talaq in one sitting is considered as one talaq, questioned whether their belief isn’t based on Qur’an and Hadith? Are they doing sin by considering three talaq as one? And by doing so are they making fun of the Sharia law?

He said “if a person belonging to religious leader’s family gives instant triple talaq then they take fatwa from the Ahle Hadith sect to negate it. But if common Muslim gives triple talaq then they declare it as Talaq Mugallazza (irrevocable divorce). Shahi Imam asked, “Why is this hypocrisy?” If the Ahle Hadith sect is correct, why shouldn’t it be accepted by all Muslims to save them from mental troubles, difficulties and mockery? He also questioned whether the Sharia law of Muslims is different for different sects? Aren’t everyone follows one God, one Messenger and one Quran?


Shahi Imam also expressed serious concern over comparing triple talaq with Aastha (religious belief) by Kapil Sibal during discussion in the Supreme Court. “This matter is not of Aastha but of Sharia law but due to some conspiracy it was made to call Aastha’s case by Kapil Sibal”. He also said that when the decision for Babri Masjid comes, this statement will be presented as an example to prove the matter of Ram temple as matter of Aastha. And if it does, then Muslim Personal Law Board will be held responsible for it.

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