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Sex racket in the name of Halala

Islam is a solid reality and the Qur’an is a constitution. Qur’an neither implicitly nor explicitly endorse Triple Talaq in one sitting. It clearly announces At-talaqu marratan i.e. Divorce is twice. (Al Qur’an – 2:229) and we can say that it is non-existent. Talaq (divorce) is a fair system of Sharia (Islamic law) and just and fair solution to the problematic married life if they wish to divorce in accordance with divine intention.

As per Holy Qur’an, the purpose of the prophetic mission is to establish a society based on justice. If someone intentionally ignores the Sharia law, he looses his importance before Allah regardless of how much respect he gives to the Qur’an.

Proving Halala after triple talaq from the verses 229 and 230 of Surah Baqarah is mere fabrication and slander. All the hadiths in this regard are against the clear verses of the Qur’an. “Halala is only required when wife gets separated from her husband by giving goods or money only.”

Recently, the talks happening on electronic media and the kind of incidents of some clerics and Imams are coming to light are shameful. These incidents force a conscience person to sink in the ground, whereas the Islam endorses the ideal society and demands to become a role model.


Hadiths may be the Quran’s interpretation but cannot change the Quranic verses. Al-Baqarah verse 230 has been imposed on divorcee women. Somehow Quranic verses have been subjugated to traditions (riwayaat) by pointing Pronoun somewhere and by placing conjunction elsewhere. And then, sex shops are being run in the name of Halala in which our scholars and Qazis (judges) are involved. According to Islam, all of them are guilty and deserves punishment.

Maulana Syed Shahabuddin Salfi Firdausi

Founder Masjid-ul-Salam and Chairman Athar Blood Bank, Solapur


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