Overwhelming response to theShahab.com story about martyr Hawaldar Mohsin Shaikh

By Imran Inamdar

It is a bit satisfactory to mention that as soon as soon as the story of Solapur martyr Hawaldar Mohsin went viral in theshahab.com. Many people from different sections took the serious note and reacted their anger and unhappiness over the disheartening behavior of our own people towards the family of a martyr.

1) Forgetting martyrdom of real heroes is a routine for the people. But at least his city people should not forget him and his family. Responsible people of the community should take lead in such noble cause. —- (Md. Ismail Shaikh, President – Karwan Social Association, Solapur)

2) I must thank the team of theshahab.com for raising such an important issue. Names of Muslim freedom fighters are disappearing from text books. If we too ignore Mohsin’s martyrdom, his name will also disappear from our minds. Insha Allah I will invite his family members to my school and introduce them before my students. —- (Sajid Shahbhai, Head Master – Faisal Urdu High School, Solapur)


3)Patriotism is disappearing from us.Now the special occasions like 15 August are becoming platforms of publicity. Patriotism, love, celebration should be pure. Mohsin has made us proud. To keep His name alive ‘Shaheed Stambh’ must be constructed on priority basis and this demand should come from social circles. —- (Shafi Shaikh – Principal, AKI Urdu High school & Junior college, Thane)

4) Mohsin, Yes Hawaldar  Mohsin Ghulam Mohammed Shaikh is the name of that 27 year old youth who fought bravely to save his motherland, gave his life and left behind 21 year old widow and 18 days daughter. It is disgusting that all the MPs, MLAs, Patriots and his own community too have forgotten him. Where martyrs receive no respect then why one should sacrifice his life for the nation?? —- (Shafiq Qazi – Social Worker, Solapur)


5) Names of Muslim freedom fighters are being deleted from history books. Ignoring Martyr Mohsin’s family on Independence Day is itself enough to expose fake patriotism of the people. It is an insult of a martyr. We all know freedom fighter Hutatma Qurban Husain kin are still struggling to get Govt’s benefits. It is really disheartening. —- (Ram Gaikwad – Ex. President, Maratha Seva Sangh Solapur)

6) Forgetting own martyrs is like erasing own Golden History with our hands, so no one to blame in future. —- (Abdul Haseeb Abdul Qayyum Lunje, Architect at Infosys, Pune)

Above responses make us believe that our conscience is still alive and collective efforts will lead us to the correct path and Hawaldar Mohsin Shaikh’s martyrdom will not be in vain.