Hopes shattered to perform Haj, RSS man helped in sending through VIP quota

Muzaffarnagar (UP): RSS usually keeps the distance from Muslims but sometimes humanity rises above every agenda and help comes from unexpected corners.

Majeed Ansari, a resident of Shahpur town was also keen to perform Haj like every Muslim. But lack of opportunity made him disappointed. Surprisingly, a local Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh karsevak offered his help to send him on Haj.

During Muzaffarnagar riots when violence began to spread, the first incident took place in Shahpur. The town was badly affected in riots. The gap between Hindus and Muslims went on all time high, the distance grew and people started pulling from one another.

In the same Shahpur, Majeed Ansari has strong desire to perform haj. Last year, he filed the form but it got dismissed for some reason. 65-year-old Majeed again filed the form this year, but unfortunately his name did not come in the lucky draw. Majeed had no option except prayers.


Majeed’s help came from a place where he did not expect it. Sajid, Majeed’s nephew and Sachin are friends as friendships do not see any religion. When Sachin came to know about this, he talked to his uncle Shyamlal, who is an old RSS functionary. InitiallyShyamlal was hesitant but later bowed before friendship. Shyamlal spoke with Union Agriculture Minister Sanjeev Balyan to send Majeed through VIP quote for Haj.

The matter was directly recommended by the old functionary of the RSS, Balyan sent a written request to Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. Majeed got affirmative consent from the Ministry and bagged a seat through VIP quota.

Shyamlal himself reached Majeed’s house to tell the good news of getting permission with flowers and garland. As both met, Majeed immediately embraced him. Not only this, other karsevaks (RSS workers) took blessings from Majeed by touching his feet. They also came along when Majeed was leaving for holy pilgrimage.

If talked about this, Sachin Singhal and his uncle Shyamlal just smiles.