Madras High Court makes Vande Mataram compulsory in all educational institutes, government offices and private companies

“Vande Mataram” to be played and sung in all schools, colleges, Universities atleast once a week, preferably on Monday or Friday ruled Madras High Court, as reported by ANI.

The court has also asked that the National song must be played and sung in all government offices and institutions, private companies, factories and industries at least once a month. It further said that a person who has difficulty in singing the national song will not be compelled or forced to sing it, provided there are valid reasons.

High Court has directed the Director of Public Information to upload translated version of “Vande Mataram” in Tamil and English on Govt websites & social media.

This ruling came in the backdrop of a case filed by Veeramani, who lost the state recruitment board exam by a mark after answering “Bengali”as the answer to the question on the language of “Vande Mataram” asked in exam while the answer for the question was keyed in as “Sanskrit”. Veeramani approached the Madras High Court to challenge the same and sought clarity on whether ‘Vande Mataram’ was written in Sanskrit or Bengali.

on July 13, Advocate General R Muthukumarasamy clarified that the original language of ‘Vande Mataram’ was Sanskrit but written in Bengali. Following which, court decided to award Veeramani the one mark he had lost in exam.

“Let a copy of this order be marked to the Chief Secretary of the Government of Tamil Nadu, who shall issue appropriate instructions to the concerned authorities,” said Justice M.V Muralidharan. He also said,“The youth of this country are the future of tomorrow. This court hopes and trusts that this order shall be taken in the right spirit and also implemented in letter and spirit by the citizenry of this great nation”.

This ruling came only a few months after the Supreme Court issued a notice to the Centre on a plea which sought to make the singing of Vande Mataram mandatory in all educational institutions. The next hearing on the issue is scheduled to take place on 23 August.