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Children are your biggest investment

Children are your biggest investment

According to India’s former President late APJ Abdul Kalam every child is an asset of our nation. Investment on teens is a topic which should be discussed at all levels as it’s a need of the hour.

The term investment is classified into six major aspects. Parents should invest on six things when a child is going through his/her teenage viz. Time, Care, Love, Money, Govt. facilities and Emotional support.

Spend plenty of quality time with your teens, play with them, help them in their studies, tell your childhood stories, crack jokes etc. Be friend to your children so that they can share anything with you. If parents stay strict and unfriendly then a child will feel lonely and that affects their mind and invites psychological disorders. So be friendly and give quality time to your children.

Parents should be vigilant of their children when they go outside. Collect some information of their visit e.g. to whom they will be meeting? The purpose of their visit and if you suspect something foul or about their bad company, explain them why they should stay away from it. If your teen is cooking a dish and if he or she burns or spoils the food, don’t simply scream and scold instead teach them how to do it. Give love and take care of them.

Touch of love is a very powerful weapon it makes everything possible and gives expected results. Love your children unconditionally. But don’t overboard and spoil them by accepting all their demands or else they will become more demanding. If children are going away from home for some days, give them a tight and love full hug so that they realize how much you love and care for them.

Who doesn’t need pocket money? Give some money to children but teach them where and how to spend, teach them the value of money, teach them how to help a needy. This will make them handle their own expenses. Invest in their studies because good and quality education can help them become a good settled son and daughter and will open doors for their bright future.

Avail Government facilities

Government is also joining hands with parents and spending lot of money on children by providing mid-day meal, teen clinics, regular medical examination, weekly iron and folic acid tablets scheme, libraries etc. Parents should try to avail maximum facilities extended by the government.

Emotional support
During teenage emotional support from parents is very important. Let them be as they are. If they are not interested in studies, they may have interest in some other fields like outdoor games, drawing, painting music, photography etc. Parent’s emotional and moral support helps a child to excel in their respective fields.

How emotional support helps a child to achieve bigger, a best example is “Ansar Shaikh”, an IAS officer who hailed from an economically backward family. His father being an Auto-rickshaw driver had no money for his education but parent’s emotional support made Ansar to study hard. He did not loose his confidence although studying in Marathi medium school he passed the UPSC exam in first attempt. He was just 21 years old when he cracked the exam and now a youngest IAS officer of India.

Hardwork, self-confidence and parents support makes a child’s future bright.

(Author is a high school student studying in standard VIII from Goa, India)

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