Haqeeqat Talaq aur Halala se khilwad Islam Urdu Articles 

حقیقت طلاق اور حلالہ سے کھلواڑ

دین اسلام ایک ٹھوس حقیقت ہے اور قران مجید آئین زندگی ہے۔ تین طلاق کا دینا اسلامی ضمیر اور حمیتِ اسلامی کے خلاف ہے۔ خلافِ واقعہ او تسریحٍ باِحسان کو تیسری طلاق ماننا تضحیکِ انسانیت ہے۔ تسریح کے معنی اہل لغت طلاق لکھتے ہیں۔ حالانکہ تسریح کے معنی طلاق کے سلسلے میں فسخِ نکاح کے بعد عورت کو اپنے گھر سے رخصت کر دینا ہے۔ چاہے ایک ہی طلاق کے بعد عدت گزر جائے، چاہے دو طلاق کے بعد۔ قران لاریب میں تین طلاقوں کا کہیں ذکر ہی نہیں ہے،…

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Shahi Imam slams Muslim personal law board over 'dual stand' on triple talaq in SC Current Affairs 

Shahi Imam slams Muslim personal law board over ‘dual stand’ on triple talaq in SC

New Delhi: A day after Supreme Court banned instant triple talaq for Muslims, Shahi Imam Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari, supporting the Supreme Court’s decision on Triple Talaq, said that basic spirit of religious freedom has been maintained in the decision. Along with that, he accused some officials of Muslim Personal Law Board for dual stand which has made the mockery of Islamic law due to which Muslims are restless across country. Maulana Bukhari said that the Muslim Personal Law Board kept saying repeatedly that the court has no right to…

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Triple Talaq uncovered All you need to know about Supreme Court verdict Current Affairs Featured 

Triple Talaq uncovered: All you need to know about Supreme Court verdict

In a historic verdict on Tuesday Supreme Court of India has ruled that triple talaq in one sitting among Muslims was “void, illegal and unconstitutional”. I have tried to uncover Triple Talaq in detail and the reactions that followed after the Supreme Court verdict. Some sections who were against the ill practice are showing their happiness more than ever and hailed it as a day for gender justice in India and some are terming it as interference in religious freedom guaranteed in section 25 of constitution. It took more than three…

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Nine British Muslims have cycled 3,000 km from London to Madinah in 6 weeks to perform Hajj Featured Life 

Nine British Muslims have cycled 3,000 km from London to Madinah in 6 weeks to perform Hajj

Hajj Riders, A group of nine British pilgrims cycled 3,000 km on their way to Madinah covering lands such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Greece and Egypt in their six-week long journey from London. The group was accorded a warm welcome by Saudi authorities and cycling enthusiasts. Saudi Cyclist Association and Taibah Cyclist Association, under the patronage of Saudi Sports Authority, received the pilgrims at a traditional ceremony by beating drums and showering rose petals. The pilgrims were allowed to drive directly to the Prophet’s Mosque where they offered…

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All India Muslim Personal Law Board welcomes Triple Talaq verdict by Supreme Court

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has welcomed the Supreme Court judgement in regard to the SC’s verdict on triple talaq being un-constitutional.  Earlier in the day, the Supreme Court by a majority verdict set aside the practice of divorce through triple talaq among Muslims, saying the practice was void, illegal and unconstitutional. The press release issued by AIMPLB states, “Since the judgement accords with protection to Muslim Personal law and says that personal laws cannot be tested by courts on the grounds of violation of fundamental rights. The…

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Triple Talaq unconstitutional, Historic Supreme Court judgement by majority of 32 Current Affairs 

Triple Talaq unconstitutional, Supreme Court historic judgement by majority of 3:2

The Supreme Court in a historic verdict today ruled that divorce among Muslims through the practice of triple talaq was “void, illegal and unconstitutional”. It struck down the validity of instant triple talaq by a majority of 3:2. Two judges ( Justice Nariman and Justice Lalit) set it aside terming it unconstitutional, Justice Joseph set it aside on ground that it is against the teachings of Qur’an. A bench comprising five judges, headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar, had reserved its verdict on May 18, six days after the hearing began on May 11.…

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Breaking Final verdict on constitutional validity of Triple Talaq tomorrow Current Affairs 

Breaking: Final verdict on constitutional validity of Triple Talaq tomorrow

A five judge Supreme Court constitution bench headed by Chief Justice of India J. S. Khehar will tomorrow pronounce its historic judgment on constitutional validity of triple talaq practiced as Islamic personal law and whether it violates fundamental and human rights of gender equality and dignity of Muslim women. On October 16, 2015, Supreme Court had questioned if Muslim personal law’s practice of marriage and divorce reduce women to mere chattels. In a rare move, it registered a suo motu PIL to examine if arbitrary divorce, polygamy and nikah halala…

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Married Life! A bumpy ride for two smooth people Featured Life 

Married Life! A bumpy ride for two smooth people

Marriage is the ultimate bond between two partners. It is the only relation where you fall in love every day with the same person. You made a vow to love one another for better or for worse, but sometimes things go out of control and two smooth people have to go through a bumpy ride. Marriage helps someone to prosper and for some it ruins their life. How same thing can be beneficial for someone and disastrous for other? The answer is marriage itself is not the culprit but the…

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تین طلاق اور مسلم پرسنل لاء بورڈ کا موقف Islam Urdu Articles 

حلالہ کے نام پر سیکس ریکٹ

دین اسلام ایک ٹھوس حقیقت ہے اور قران مجید آئین زندگی ہے۔ قران مجید میں سرے سے طلاق ثلاثہ مفقود ہے۔ نہ اشارۃً نہ کنایۃً اور واضح طور پر الطّلاق مرتان کا اعلان ہے۔ (القران ۔ ۲:۲۲۹) اس لیے یوں کہا جائے کہ وجود غیر معدوم ہے۔ طلاق شریعت کا عادلانہ نظام اور ازدواجی زندگی کی مشکلات کا منصفانہ حل ہے اگرمنشاء الٰہی کا پاس رکھتے ہوئے دی جائے۔ قران کریم نے انبیاے کرام کی بعثت کا مقصد عدل پر مبنی معاشرے کا قیام قرار دیا ہے۔ شریعت کے حکم…

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Sex racket in the name of Halala Islam 

Sex racket in the name of Halala

Islam is a solid reality and the Qur’an is a constitution. Qur’an neither implicitly nor explicitly endorse Triple Talaq in one sitting. It clearly announces At-talaqu marratan i.e. Divorce is twice. (Al Qur’an – 2:229) and we can say that it is non-existent. Talaq (divorce) is a fair system of Sharia (Islamic law) and just and fair solution to the problematic married life if they wish to divorce in accordance with divine intention. As per Holy Qur’an, the purpose of the prophetic mission is to establish a society based on…

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